Bodyhoop is a full-body fitness program based on Europe's popular Powerhoop Workout, using a quality weighted fitness hoop that slims your waist and strengthens your core.

The Bodyhoop Workout is a revolutionary fitness concept (yes, we get the pun), that delivers a trim tummy, strong muscles in the lower back and abdomen, and toned glutes, hips and thighs. Due to their weight and large diameter, weighted fitness hoops are easy for all to master - even those who never succeeded with a traditional hula hoop. Bodyhooping provides balanced, symmetrical training to the core muscles, which helps maintain spinal stability and alignment. You will quickly notice a difference in your posture and muscle tone – and may lose inches in a very short space of time.

Bodyhoop Instructors:

  • Love the fun and success of their Bodyhoop classes
  • Attract attention for teaching something eye-catching and different
  • Have higher class attendance and member retention
  • Get free monthly music and choreography videos as part of their licensing subscription
  • Pay deep discounted prices on hoops and quickly earn back their investment
  • Benefit as product resellers for an additional source of income

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Kerry the fitness hoop instructor

Hi, I’m Kerry!

I'm a master fitness instructor and personal trainer from Kent, England. I've been teaching Bodyhoop classes and training fitness hoop instructors since 2011.

If you are a fitness instructor or would like to become one, you will never make a better career decision than learning to teach weighted hoop fitness at the Hooping Academy.

A Message From the Hooping Academy Founder

Class members taking a fitness hoop class
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