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Frequently Asked Questions...


Why are Innertrak's courses called Powerhoop® in Europe, and Pulsehoop® in North America?

The Powerhoop brand was originally developed in Scandinavia, Europe and New Zealand. Since the trademark was unavailable in the United States, Powerhoop North America became... Pulsehoop!

Is there research to support your claim that weighted hula hoops* shrink your waist?

Yes, there is! The beneficial effect has been validated by numerous studies, including a study at Canada's Waterloo University, conducted by one of the world's foremost experts in spine biomechanics. Dr. Stuart McGill and his colleagues concluded that Innertrak's weighted fitness hoops significantly reduced waist size in subjects who "hooped" for fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, for six weeks. 

I've never been able to use a lightweight Hula Hoop* - what are my chances of success with a weighted fitness hoop?

Due to their weight and large diameter, weighted fitness hoops are easy to use - even for those who have never succeeded with old-fashioned lightweight hula hoops. You'll quickly get the knack with the help of your Powerhoop instructors. 

Are weighted hula hoops* safe? 

Sports safety depends on common sense and on following the manufacturer's recommendations. Weighted workout hoops are meant to challenge the core muscles, causing them to become firmer, stronger and more protective, but this is a process that takes several days of gradually increasing the amount of hooping time. Beginners who overdo will notice soreness and even bruising, which is uncomfortable, unnecessary, and gives hooping a bad name. In addition, there are certain conditions that are contraindicated for hooping, like pregnancy and taking blood thinning medication. 

Teaching fitness hula hoop classes sounds like fun - how do I find one in my area, or sign up for classes online?

You can find on-location classes on the Find-a-Class Map or subscribe to hoop-at-home classes at The Powerhoop Training Academy's Six-Week Challenge will help you lose weight and feel great in just six weeks.

I'd love to teach weighted hula hoop* fitness - how do I qualify as an instructor?  

Over 1000 fitness professionals have been certified as Powerhoop® Fitness Hoop instructors across Europe, and the Pulsehoop® program is now being launched in the US and Canada. Learn why and how others decide to become fitness instructors, and check out Powerhoop's top-rated Instructor Training.

Where can I buy a weighted fitness hula hoops*? 

There are lots of cheap hoops on the market, and they're cheap for a reason. Innertrak classes and courses include recommendations for our favourite hoops made from non-toxic materials. In Europe, you can buy top quality hoops at

What other results can I expect? 

Our customers actually ring our office to tell us about their results. Read some of their stories.

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*Hula Hoop® is a registered trademark of the Wham-O Corporation. The term is used here descriptively and is not affiliated with the Powerhoop Training Academy.

Powerhoop®, Pulsehoop® and The Powerhoop Training Academy™ are registered trademarks of Innertrak Ltd.