If you are a fitness instructor or would like to become one, you will never make a better career decision than learning to teach hula hoop* fitness at the Powerhoop Training Academy.

Powerhoop Classes are Fast, Fun and Totally Addictive

Top three reasons people love teaching fitness:

• They can inspire others, and make a difference in the lives of the people they teach
• They are active and can stay in great shape
• They can set their own hours

Powerhoop Instructors:

• Love the fun and success of their Powerhoop classes
• Attract attention for teaching something eye-catching and different
• Have higher member retention compared to other fitness programs
• Get free music and choreography videos as part of their licensing subscription
• Pay deep discounted prices on hoops and quickly earn back their investment
• Benefit as sales affiliates for additional income

What exactly is the Powerhoop Workout?

The Powerhoop Workout is a revolutionary fitness concept (yes, we get the pun), that delivers a trim tummy, strong muscles in the lower back and abdomen, and toned glutes, hips and thighs. Due to their weight and large diameter, weighted fitness hoops are easy for all to master. Powerhooping provides balanced, symmetrical training to the core muscles, which helps maintain spinal stability and alignment. Your class members will quickly notice a difference in your posture and muscle tone – and may lose inches in a very short space of time. Powerhoop has been proven to improve class attendance and member retention.

Who should take this course?

• Aspiring fitness instructors (Foundation Training module now included in the package)
• Fitness instructors with industry credentials (in the UK: ETM/Level 2 certification).
• Personal Trainers: Powerhoop is a highly respected and a top-rated tool for PTs

NOTE: This course is for European students (English language). Other students please enrol in Fitness Hoop Training courses in:

Canada/United States
New Zealand

A full-body workout

...with an eye-catching weighted fitness hoop that slims your waist and strengthens your core. Teaching Powerhoop is fun, profitable and rewarding, with high member retention, a quick return on investment and three months of licensing and choreography. It's a programme you will love teaching and your class members will love taking.

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How does online training work?

After registration you will have immediate access to all course materials and we'll post your Powerhoop Deluxe and Carrybag within two business days. You can get started with the theory lessons while you wait for your hoop to arrive. In addition to the online course materials, you will be invited to a live online training session with the Powerhoop Training Team.

The online course includes written and practical assessments based on the course material. As part of your practical assessment, you will film and submit three sections of the Powerhoop Workout (approximately 12 minutes total). These can be filmed on your phone. Don't be nervous! The videos are for our eyes only. They will be assessed by your own personal coach, who will give you one-on-one feedback and support.

This is a "no-fail" course - if your videos or test results need improvement then we will give you the necessary tips and information to be able to redo it until you pass. Once you've passed, we will send you your licensing certificate and enrol you in the Pro Instructor Licensing and Benefits package. This gives you access to the media pack and other resources. We will then post your bonus Slim Hoops and invite you to the private Powerhoop Instructors' Facebook page. We encourage you to share photos and stories, get advice, tips and support from other Powerhoop Instructors.

At the Pro Trade Shop, you'll be able to buy Powerhoop products at wholesale prices for your classes and earn extra income as a sales affiliate.

  • Bonus Marketing course worth £80
  • Social media content
  • Class Listings on the Powerhoop Map
  • Live Q&A sessions with experienced instructors
  • Private online instructor support group
  • Deep discounts on hoops
  • Media Library with hundreds of hours of choreography videos
  • Custom music with a special user licence
  • Hoop sales commission
  • Instructor referral rewards
  • Teach classes online
  • Perform on-demand videos

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Why Teaching Powerhoop Will Change Your Life

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