What exactly is a Fitness Hoop Workout?

A revolutionary fitness concept (yes, we get the pun), that delivers a trim tummy, strong muscles in the lower back and abdomen, and toned glutes, hips and thighs. Due to their weight and large diameter, weighted fitness hoops are easy for all to master. Hooping provides balanced, symmetrical training to the core muscles, which helps maintain spinal stability and alignment. Your class members will quickly notice a difference in your posture and muscle tone – and may lose inches in a very short space of time. Our instructors consistently report improved class attendance and member retention.

Teaching fitness hoop is fun, profitable, and emotionally and physically rewarding – it's a program you will love teaching and your class members will love taking.

Who should take this course?

  • Aspiring fitness instructors (Foundation Training module now included in the package)
  • Fitness instructors with industry credentials (in the UK: ETM/Level 2 certification). NOTE: Qualified UK instructors are refunded £100 on this course with a BURSARY REBATE FROM EMD.
  • Personal Trainers: Fitness hoops are a top-rated tool for PTs

NOTE: Please enroll for a Fitness Hoop Training courses in your area:

Who teaches this course?

  • Kerry Ferguson, Top-qualified Fitness Instructor, Master Trainer and Personal Trainer
  • Karyn Seroussi, Hooping Academy Founder

"Powerhoop has an amazing team, with brilliant choreography and music that my classes love. The Master Trainers and other instructors are just fabulous. I'm proud to be part of such a great business." –Michaela Davey, Somerset, UK

"Powerhoop has been great for me right from day one. It is an amazing feeling to see my participants grow in confidence, fitness & mental well being. Thank you for a great brand." –Heather Dixon, Northumberland, UK

"I teach many types of fitness classes. This training is one of the best that I have done so far."Martina Baumeister, Pommelsbrunn, Germany