Powerhoop instructors made their dream career a reality.... will you?

Fitness Instructors love teaching this full-body workout, using a weighted exercise hula hoop* for a slimmer waist and stronger core.


Fitness Hula Hoop Master Trainer Dianne

Taunton, UK


"People just love Powerhoop. The energy, the fun and laughter and the variety of different moves. Not to mention a toned body, stronger core and slimmer waist. As a fitness instructor this is one of the best training investments I have made."

Dianne Trower has been teaching Powerhoop since 2013. In 2018 she joined the Hooping Academy as Training Director.

Fitness Hula Hoop Master Trainer Lisa

Ashford, UK


"I love Powerhoop because it's FUN! It's a versatile piece of kit that allows me to create unique workouts. I never get bored and always have fun - at every class! I teach lots of different fitness classes. If I could just pick one, it would be Powerhoop."

Lisa Townend has been teaching Powerhoop since 2011 and is the program's Lead Choreographer. When she's not teaching fitness, she spends her time being a mum and looking after seven pets.

Fitness Hula Hoop Master Trainer Kerry

Kent, UK


"I instantly fell in love with Powerhoop when I tried it in 2011. I use it in both my classes and personal training sessions. Everyone who's serious about fitness should be using a Powerhoop."

Kerry Ferguson has been a fitness educator since 2009, and a Powerhoop Master Trainer since 2012. Kerry loves spending quality time with loved ones and her two Staffordshire bull terriers.

Teaching weighted hula hoop* classes is fun, profitable and rewarding, with high member retention, a quick return on investment and three months of free licensing and choreography.


Fitness Instructor Jen Turner

Fife, Scotland


"I have been teaching Powerhoop since 2016 and love it as much now as I did when I started."

Jen Turner also teaches pole fitness, bungee fitness and aerial classes. She is a mum and a brown belt in Kuk Sool Wan martial arts.

Fitness Instructor Nicole from Germany

Bavaria, Germany


"Powerhoop is a passion for body, mind and soul and has absolutely integrated into all aspects of my everyday life."

Nicole Tuchbreiter is an educator and mother of two. She has been teaching Powerhoop since July, 2021.

Fitness Instructor Elie Sharatt

Suffolk, England


"After the birth of my second daughter I was going through a 'slump.' Teaching Powerhoop has made me feel super strong, fit and happy. I love sharing this happy-hoopy joy with my class members."

Elie Sharratt is a mother of two and has been teaching Powerhoop since 2019.

Hannah Smith, Powerhoop Instructor

Powerhoop Instructor

Hertford, UK


"I love the fun and smiles that hooping brings."

Hannah Smith is an avid reader and loves exercise of all kinds, including Powerhooping and aerial arts. Hannah has been teaching Powerhoop since 2018 – her participants love her classes and keep coming back for more.

Powerhoop Instructor Kristina Norta

Powerhoop Instructor

Neuerburg, Germany


Kristina Norta has been teaching various aerobics and back-fit classes for 13 years and joined the Powerhoop team in early 2021. She enjoys sports, cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes, and spending time with her dogs, cats and chickens.

Pulsehoop Instructor Chelsey

Pulsehoop Instructor

Washington, USA


Chelsey Rae is a certified personal trainer, behaviour change specialist, women’s self - defense instructor and heavy bag kickboxing coach. She loves inspiring women to break out of their comfort zone & embrace their inner strengths. 

Fitness Instructor Martina from Germany

Pommelsbrunn, Germany


"Powerhoop training is one of the best that I have done so far."


Martina Baumeister is one of the very first Powerhoop instructors to launch classes in Germany. She loves how hooping shapes one’s body and creates joy and fun. In addition to Powerhoop, Martina teaches Pound and Zumba Fitness.

Fitness Instructor Hannah from the UK

Northumberland, UK


"I absolutely love every class - seeing everyone begin their Powerhoop journey, progressing and achieving amazing results!"

In addition to hooping, Hannah works at a nursery, loves cycling, dog walking and paddleboarding, and is a Brownie leader. She been teaching Powerhoop since 2017.

Fitness Instructor Michelle from the UK

Mirfield, UK


“I loved taking Powerhoop classes so much that I wanted to spread the fun and fitness... by becoming an instructor myself! I love the results and friendships I’ve made in my classes. Powerhoop creates a wonderful feeling of community.”


Michelle Speight has been teaching Powerhoop since 2018. She loves spending time with her family – "They put up with my hooping obsession!"

Fitness Instructor Charlotte from the UK

Lyndhurst, UK


"There were no Powerhoop classes near to me so I decided to become an instructor myself. Powerhoop is a fun class and I have met so many lovely people along the way."

Charlotte Dawson also teaches Line Dance, and loves to explore the New Forest on her bike.

Fitness Instructor Sarah from the UK

Ashford, UK


"The instructor training course was great. The variety of different moves keeps my classes fresh and fun."

Sarah Lofts has been teaching Powerhoop since 2017, on-location as well as online to participants worldwide. Sarah also leads spin classes at her local gym.

Fitness Instructor Hannah Smith from the UK

Huddersfield, UK


"I love the health and happiness that hooping brings to people of all ages."

Suzanne Smelt has been teaching Powerhoop in Huddersfield since 2019. She fits her classes around her career as a music teacher, swimming, running and singing... and the demands of two busy teenaged children!

*Hula Hoop® is a registered trademark of the Wham-O Corporation. It is used here descriptively and is not affiliated with the Powerhoop Training Academy.